Hello San Fran!

As much as I’ve traveled, I’m still a heavy packer.  I just always think “What if?!” and I wind up lugging around a ton of stuff.  So last  night I managed to pack a huge suitcase, a carry on and my laptop! Yikes.
Someone didn’t want me to leave!
I was able to use my free flight voucher that I got when I gave up my seat in Florida so I was really excited about that.  Only bad thing was that I had to fly into Georgia first, and then San Fran.  Just  seemed so counterproductive!
But once I was headed westbound, I was a happy camper 🙂

I picked up a snack to hold me over on the plane.
Cheese, crackers, fruit and caramel dip!
And some Biscoff cookies courtesy of AirTran.
Once I landed everything went really smoothly.  I booked my shuttle ahead of time so I grabbed my suitcase and off I went!  My flight landed early and I was a little worried about checking into my hotel but I was able to with no problems!
I then headed out and explored good ole San Fran!
I was in desperate need of some food and found Specialtys, which I’m told is like Panera.  I thought it was a lot better 🙂

This monster sandwich included: Includes Whole Wheat, Mayonnaise, Stone Ground Mustard, Roasted Turkey Breast, Smoked Ham, Cheddar, Swiss, Green Leaf Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Cucumber, Dill Pickle, Mixed Bell Peppers, Pepperoncini, Italian Vinaigrette, Ranch Dressing, Black Pepper.
Yup, all that.  No wonder I could only eat half.
I then stopped by Sir Francis Drake Hotel to get my Food Buzz info!  I’ll have to post pictures of the goodies 🙂
On my walk back I found a Trader Joe’s!  My favorite away from home 🙂
I grabbed some juice because I was feeling a little jet lagged.  Nothing beats the real thing!
And a bottle of 2 buck chuck!  I doubt I’ll drink this here but I can’t turn down a $2 bottle of wine!
I will write about the meet and greet later tomorrow, I’m exhausted!

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