A piece of Italy in the mornin’.

My mom and I woke up early today and headed to the city!  We had to get a few things at Di Bruno Brothers, an Italian market that has the most amazing…everything!
When you walk in it is really hard not to feel a little overwhelmed because there is just so much going on.
We wandered around the store for quite  some time before making any kind of purchases.
We took a little pit stop to grab some breakfast!  There were so many delicious choices but we decided on an egg and pepper sandwich. I’m not a huge fan of eggs but mixed with peppers and I’m sold!
I loved this machine!  You push down on it and it dispenses a single piece  of silverware.
We shared and it was just the right amount!

I also had an iced hazelnut coffee.
After our quick meal break we continued checking out all the goodies.
So many delicious treats!
And meats.
We tasted a few cheeses and bought two different kinds!  A cheese called ballerina which is a hard cheese and a soft creamy brie, my favorite.
Everything that was premade was beautiful, like these caprese towers and eggplant stacks.
We had a great time!  Minus the $19 that I had to pay in the parking garage.  Seriously!?
This made my day 🙂
So glad we made the trip into the city to have a fun morning and snag a few treats.  Di Bruno Brothers is always a fun place to go.
Time for bed!  I need to start snoozin’ because I’m headed to San Fransico for a Food Buzz fun filled weekend!

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