Huge head.

It took a lot for me to walk through the grocery store the other day and
A) Not giggle when I saw MONSTER cauliflower (s? are more than one still cauliflower?)
B) Not buy one! They were 2/$4.00!
I kid you not  when I say that as soon as I put the cauliflower  in my basket I had to hustle to the checkout line because that thing was heavyyy!  I wish I had weighed it.
Let’s just say it was probably bigger than my head.  And I have a huge noggin.
So what’s a girl to do with so much veggie?
I contemplated it for a bit and came up with a great idea…cauliflower spaghetti!  I had tried my grandma’s in the past so I decided to  give it a whirl.
I winged it so here is my rough recipe:
•1/2 cauliflower, or whole using a normal sized head
•1/2 and onion
•2 TBS olive oil
•1/2 cup Italian bread crumbs
•1 garlic clove
•1/2 box angel hair pasta
-Boil water and steam cauliflower.
-Chop onion into fine pieces.  Saute in olive oil.  Add minced garlic.  When onion pieces are slightly brown, add bread crumbs and cook until toasted.
-When cauliflower is soft, add to onion mixture and cook for several minutes.
-Meanwhile, you can use the same water to cook  pasta.
-Combine veggie mixture and pasta! Top with some Parmesan cheese and enjoy 🙂
I love the way the cauliflower just melts into the pasta.
Now what do I do with the other half of the cauliflower?!

7 thoughts on “Huge head.

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