Feelin’ figgy.

Last week I bought some dough from Trader Joe’s and have been thinking about what I was going to do with it!  I really ought to try making my own dough sometime but the convenience of the TJ dough is so perfect and it tastes so good!  Oh and I also like the fact that it is… $1!
So after perusing some blogs I found this recipe from Tina.  A
prosciutto gorgonzola fig balsamic compote pizza. 
I searched my grocery store for some fresh figs, but unfortunately that was not happenin’.  So I had to settle for some dried figs.  Obviously fresh is always better but you do what you have to when you’re in a pinch with an idea in your head!
I also wound up using goat cheese instead of gorgonzola  simply because I am so in love with goat cheese!
The pizza turned out amazing!  The crust was really thin and crispy and the flavors were so tasty together.  The figs and onions sweetness balanced well with the tang of the goat cheese and the prosciutto added a salty flavor.
I even wound up scooping some of my arugula on the pizza.  I love greens on my pizza, mmm 🙂
Apparently someone else liked my pizza too!  I cut it up and wrapped the slices in foil and went to get ready for work.  When I came downstairs I saw Sandy sulking and looking mightyyy guilty.  I then noticed slices of pizza strewn all over the kitchen floor and a lottt of slices were missing.  The little bugger ate about half of the pizza! I would have gotten really made except I’m a big softy and just laughed.   She sure has fancy taste for a dog 🙂

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