Dinner for two.

I was looking through my recent pictures when I realized…wow I’ve been out to eat a lot lately!  And I can’t complain because with good food comes good friends.  I thought I’d share some of my eating extravaganza with you 🙂
One night Jay and I went to The Landmark Americana in West Chester, PA.  I had bought a deal on Living Social which is an amazing site if you haven’t
checked it out yet!  They offer really fun and great deals for cities all over the US.  I’m a big fan of that site along with a few other coupon sites!
So off we went to dine with our deal.
Heineken Light for me and I think it was a cherry wheat beer for Jay.
The had a ¤new¤ item on their menu that I couldn’t stop thinking about!  Guacamole!
So after much debate, (Note: not very much) I caved and got the guac.
Made me say.. “Holy guacamole!”
For my entree I had a cuban sandwich. 
Jay had the usual chicken sammie.
Tastebuds were satisfied and I was pretty pleased that we came really close to our $40 gift certificate and wound up paying very little for our delicious meal.  And then…I went to my car and had a ticket.  Grrr so much for trying to be thrifty right?!
Next up!  I went on a dinner date with the lovely Julie.  Again, great food and hysterical company.  We chose to dine at Cactus, a restaurant in Manayunk.  They have really great specials every day of the week.  We weren’te exactly sure what deal we would be bumping into but we just so happened to run into a $12 bottle of wine night. 
I think Julie was just as happy about the wine as I was.
We chose a sauvagnon and it was light and refreshing.  Our server even made it a point to pour us more whenever we were low so she could keep the bottle cold!
I ordered a burrito the size of a small child.  No joke.  Check that bad boy out.  It was a shrimp burrito and it was delicious, just really massive.  It came with a delicious side salad.  Let’s just say I had leftovers!  No complainning there 🙂
Jul had shrimp quesadillas.
It was another great dining experience and dinner date with Julie.  Maybe sometime we will do something that doesn’t revolve around food…but I doubt it 🙂
And my most recent dining experience was with Beth! We dined in Manayunk again at The Manayunk Tavern.  It is a great little bar that has excellent food.  And little did we know, it was the first night of their new menu!  Good thing they had me there to try it out 🙂
I was crossing my fingers that their baked potato soup was going to be on the menu, but unfortunately that is a soup of the day and it just wasn’t baked potato soup day.  Bummer!  But, the soup of the day was butternut squash soup!!  Our sever explained to us that the chef is a huge soup person and that we had to try it.  Not much convincing need there 🙂 So how was it?  To die for!!!  So delicious and seasonal tasting.  I wanted to stick my head in a vat of it.
For my entree I had a turkey reuben.  It came with a side salad which I was pleased with.  I appreciate when salads include some kind of lettuce other than romaine!  And the reuben was such comfort food!
Beth and I had a great time girl chatting and being silly.  We are hoping to maybe move to Manayunk so dates like this would become a regular occurence!  Well, if our wallets allow it 🙂
So there you have it, my crazy slew of dinner dates. The good, the tasty and the filling.  Thank goodness I’ve been cooking up a storm because I need some home cooking after all this eating out!!

2 thoughts on “Dinner for two.

  1. I can’t even decide what dish to comment on, they all look so delicious!
    I am a big fan of burritos and guac! Super yum!

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