Apples to Apples.

I’m in love with fall if you haven’t noticed by now.  And if you’re wondering if you can be in love with a season, yes you can be.  There are a ton of reasons why I love fall, and obviously food is one of them. I feel like the food during this time of year just has emotion.  Am I crazy for thinking that? Quite possibly.  But during this one time of year the food is so beautiful in both color and flavor.  Now obviously I love food during any time of year, but fall food just speaks to me.
On that note, one of my favorite fall foods is apples.  I know, you can get apples any time of year.  But the variety during fall! The colors! The flavors!  And the fact that you can pick them one day and cook them the next.  Now that is a beautiful thing.
So I went hunting for a recipe that would be worthy of my apples.  And what did I find? A delicious recipe from Better Homes & Gardens.  I present to
you… Upside-Down One-Bowl Apple Cake.
Not only is this cake really delicious but it is also really fun to make.  I loved the idea of cutting the apples and putting them face down and then pouring the batter over them!  Seriously, brilliant.  Anddd there is even more apple flavor in the shredded pieces throughout the batter.  Just so darn good 🙂

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