Crock-Pot Chicken.

When I think about fall meals I always think about food in a crock pot.  Obviously the only food coming out of a crock pot is going to be warm and usually filling so it seems appropriate that for the most part they are only take out once the weather cools.  While I was a little sad coming home from warm, sunny Florida to cool, damp New Jersey…I’m excited for crock pot food!
My mom is a good cook no matter how she cooks or what she makes.  And for dinner tonight she made one of my favs.
Chicken Cacciatore!
Tender chicken in a delicious red sauce with mushrooms…I’m there.
There really isn’t anything better than comfort food and this recipe definitely is comforting to me.
Aside from eating a delicious meal I spent a good amount of time outside today. So glad that it finally stopped raining!  The weather was a little cool but crisp and the sun was shining!  Really couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day 🙂

Oh and I did some baking! I’ll be posting the pictures and recipe soon 🙂


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