Flocking to Florida.

My trip began with flying on a Colts plane and ending on a Colts plane.  I’m not quite sure why AirTran supports the Colts.
And I love AirTran.  They were more than accomoating and their service is really excellent considering a lot of the airlines have cut back in this economy.
On to the fun stuff!
During my first night spent with Cate we went and had sushi!

I loved the atmosphere in the restaurant.  It was really open and inviting yet had a cozy feel to it.
I started off with a seaweed salad and explained the “double crunch” of it to Cate. Mmm so good!
Cate had 2 kinds of sushi. I’m failing to remember exactly what they were but I know the one I tried had a crab salad on the outside and it was delicious!

I had sea bass because I can never see it on a menu and not get it!! And the best part of it was that underneath the sea bass was vegetable sushi! It was such a surprise 🙂 It came with an arugula salad, two really perfect combos.
Afterwards we went to a serve yourself frozen yogurt place.  I had strawberry yogurt with graham cracker crumbs and chocolate yogurt with peanut butter cups!
We spent time on some of Florida’s gorgeous beaches!  Well the day that I took these pictures I was beaching it alone while Cate was at work 🙂
I made sure to have some tasty snacks on the beach!  These were both samples that I had gotten at the half marathon Expo. I would buy both of these products!
I made us dinner one night.  A baked pasta with meat sauce and an arugula salad.  I told you I loved arugula 🙂
And we shared a bottle of this Funf wine.  It was really tasty and we learned that Funf means five in German! I just thought it was fun 🙂
Then Cate showed me an amazing burrito place!

I had their famous UFO. When I asked what was in it the guy making it said something like, “Delicious, cheesy and crunch” Umm, sold!
More delicious frozen yogurt at this really cute place  in downtown St. Augustine.
So as I mentioned on Sunday, I gave up my seat on my flight home.  I wound up staying at the Hyatt in the Orlando airport and it was spectacular. 
Can you tell I was really happy?
I went down to the restaurant in the hotel and got everything a girl could need for sheer happiness.
I had a tuna melt and a salad.  They called this salad “arugula'” but it was definitely spinach.  I didn’t realized  how obsessed I am until  I started  posting these pictures!
So as I was leaving yesterday  morning, my flight was canceled.  Big bummer.  Especially because I had to fly to Atlanta first and then wait until 2:30 for my flight to Philly.  As we were waiting to board the plane they asked if anyone would give up  their seat…again!  The next flight was leaving at 4:30 and I figured at this point…what the heck! So in the end I was able to get 2 free round trip tickets, so excited!
It made me feel like jumping on my hotel bed 🙂
Had a great trip and it feels good to be back home once again!

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