Orlando Update!

Hello  bloggies and friends!
So on Thursday morning I took off on a flight to Orlando and surprised my best friend Cate who lives in St Augustine, FL!  It was spur of the moment and random and fun! I’m a huge fan of living in the moment and traveling.
We had an amazing weekend filled with laughs and of course good food 🙂 Which I will fill you in being the foodie that I am!
So today when I went to board my plane I was informed that there were not any seats left!  While waiting for a seat to open up the airline, Air Tran, offered a free round trip ticket and a free night in a hotel to  anyone who was willing to give up their seat.  I was feeling spontaneous so I went for it!
Here I am, staying at a hotel in Orlando with a free  round trip ticket to use within the next year! Oh, and they paid for $10 of my dinner.  The hotel is amazinggg and so pretty.  I will also post  pictures of that tomorrow.  I leave to go back to Philly first thing in the morning so it is perfect.
Just thought I’d give you a quick update and let you know that I was having fun traveling 🙂
Update coming tomorrow!

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