She dreams of veggies.

Hiii 🙂
So last night I found myself dreaming about  what I would have for lunch today.  When I visited Gobo in NYC a few weeks ago I had a really good veggie burger and wanted it again!  Because I couldn’t just pick myself up and head to New York I searched all over the internet in search for an acceptable replacement and I found this:
The Ultimate Veggie Burger Recipe. I’m glad that I found Heidi’s recipe and her blog because she is definitely worth checking out!  Her recipes are awesome and her photos are really beautiful.
So I went ahead and tweaked the recipe just a little.  I wound up leaving out the cilantro and added mushrooms and roasted red pepper to my burger.
I could tell by the consistancy that the burgers were going to turn out really well!
And it made a ton of burgers. So I wound up wrapping a bunch up and freezing them for later.
Oh, and I cut the recipe in half.  So normally this makes 12 burgers.
Mmmhmm!  Topped with avocado and alfalfa sprouts and some sweet potato fries on the side.
I needed a colorful, healthy meal on such a dreary day.
Another route? Sandy took the opportunity to just embrace the weather and napped the day away 🙂

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