Manic Monday

Wow super delayed post!   But better late than never.  Today was absolutely crazy and out of routine.  And the rest of the week isn’t looking much better but I am still going to post.
So last night I headed to bed at 8:30 and conked out.  I got a solid 10 hours in and it felt amazing.  I wish I could do that every night.
While I still don’t have official pictures of me running I did take a few photos.
That was all my stuff set out the night before!  Yes, I did make a sign for my blog to wear on my back.  But I wound up taking it off last minute because I felt like a cheeseball.  And for the record, my blog title is “All I Eat Food.com” or “Allie at Food.com”  Yes, that’s what makes it so fun.
My numba.
Pretty flowers that my parents got me!  Along with a giftcard to get a pedicure once my feet are all healed.
On to the food!
My breakfast was pretty simple.  An Arnold Flat with cream cheese and some cantaloupe.  I was pretty sleepy so anything simple sounded good.
And my mom made me an iced coffee to go!  She is seriously the best person ever.  It was super good.
I just realized now that I had two kind of sandwiches for breakfast and lunch.
On my sammie was a shrimp salad, lettuce and tomato.  And I had a stuffed pepper made by my grandma on the side!
And dinner was a home cooked meal by my mom.
Baked chicken with  potatoes, carrots and broccoli.  One of my favorite  home cooked comfort food meals!
I was really sore today but it felt good.  I’m thinking tomorrow might be worse but I’m hoping for the best.  I’m going to another restaurant for restaurant week tomorrow with Julie and I promise I’ll bring my camera!!

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