Official half marathon-er

Hiii! Today, on September 19th 2010 I completed my first half marathon!

It was such a great experience.  And it was a perfectly gorgeous day! I ran at a pretty steady 10 minute pace and the hardest miles were the last 3.  It took everything in me to finish!

At mile 5 I had a GU gel pack which really helped.  I was looking forward to snagging another one at mile 8 that I was planning on taking at mile 10 but they ran out!  Bummer.  I was still able to finish so  I was happy.

It was such an amazing experience and I am so glad I participated  in a half marathon.  There were 20,000 people who ran and it was just unbelievable to be a part  of something so monumental.  I got a little choked up when I finished because I couldn’t believe that all my hard work paid of and I had finished!

Here are my stats:

17718 Allie Coremin F 18-24
Half Marathon Start:   Gun 7:59:27     Chip 8:21:00
Splits: 5 Km 10 Km 10 Mi Finish O’All Sex Div
Times: 31:29 1:03:18 1:41:20 2:13:54 9294 4271 542
Pace: 10:08 10:12 10:08 10:13

My mom took a few pictures that I will post when she emails them to me and I will check out the pictures that were taken by the photographers.  Time to go rest!


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