Twas the night before my half.

Twas the night before my half marathon, all nervous and scared,
Many have done this before and these feelings they have shared.
My outfit was ready and my laces were tied,
I was having second thoughts, I wished I could hide!
But my miles were ran and my body was ready,
I just hoped I could run and run super steady.
I knew in my mind, that if I finished I had won,
And all that was left, was to have some Rock n Roll fun!
Hey guys! Just thought I’d have a little fun with you on the eve of my half marathon!  I’m a cheeseball I know 🙂
Back tracking a little bit…
Friday night Jay and I went to the Pour house, a fun pub that has great food and lots of beer!
I wish I liked oysters because they have a fresh oyster bar!
I like that part of their kitchen is out in the open so we watched while waiting for dinner. Things were moving so fast in the kitchen that things were blurry! Or  it is just my camera in bad lighting 🙂
My first beer was a vegetable/fruit beer.  Not the best I’ve had but it was tasty.
That’s right folks, 141 bottles of beer on the wall.
Things got a little blurry again.  Jay had the blueberry beer and I had the cider!
I had a hearty chicken sandwich that had brie, arugula, red onion, roasted red pepper and bacon! some spinach on the side.
Jay’s third beer.  We weren’t a fan but liked that it was from Philly.
Then today we went to Philly to pick up our race stuff and check out the expo!
Count down to the race!
Haha I loved this!
Then we hit up Reading Terminal Market, which has all kinds of delicious food!
And then I was indulgent and had a corned beef sandwich and some matzo ball soup.
So now it is time for me to get to bed and dream about running.  And then…run!

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