Restaurant Week Part 1

Tonight I went to El Vez with Beth for restaurant week!
El Vez is a Mexican- America restaurant and is fantastic.  Neither Beth or I had been there before so we were really excited.  The deal was $35 for 4 courses.  And really, you can’t beat that!  It is pretty pricey so while I might go here for a special occasion I definitely wouldn’t order everything we had tonight.
When we walked in we saw the amazing decor and decorations.  It is so funky and fun.
We noticed these booths and commented that we would have to come back with a larger party to snag one of these.  But no, we lucked out and got to sit in one! It created the best ambiance and was so comfy.
Oh, and I forgot my camera.  How does that happen!?  So I’m relying on photos I found online and my words.
To drink, we each had a blood orange margarita.
We both started of with El Vez “the orginial” guacamole.  It had tomato, onion, jalapeno, cilantro and lime  Can you say amazing!  They are well known for their guacamole so we knew we had to try this.  When you normally order it, it comes out in a huge bowl, but because we were ordering from a prix fixe menu we had smaller portions.  And thank goodness!  It was more than enough. And so so delicious.
Next up I had the Mexican Chopped Salad which consisted of romaine, watercress, pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, chayote, corn and black beans with queso fresco, crispy tortillas and chipotle ranch or cumin-lime vinaigrette.  Our server was nice enough to let me try both dressings!  They were both so flavorful and unique.  I would love  to replicate this salad.
Then for my meal…I know so much food!… I had carne asada which is something that I’ve never had but am so glad I did!  It had adobo grilled steak, chilaquiles, asparagus, and wild mushroom with a chimichurri sauce.  Sooo good!  But we were stuffed at this point and wrapped some of our meals up.
And then dessert!  We each had the Warm Mexican Chocolate Cake.  It was Madagascar vanilla creme anglaise. vanilla ice cream, fresh berries.  To die for!!!
At the end of our meal we took our picture in a really fun photo booth!
I do have our pictures from there so I will post those tomorrow.  They were hysterical.
It was a great night with a TON of food and good company.  Now if I only brought my camera!!!  I’m going to another restaurant next week so I promise I will next time 🙂

4 thoughts on “Restaurant Week Part 1

  1. hey al! el vez is sooo good if you are in the mood for mexican next week you should hit up distrito near university city! the owner/chef is jose garces who won next iron chef last season and used to work for stephen starr…his food and decor are awesome!!! village whiskey is a small little burger joint that it amazing as well! good luck sunday :)!

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