Naan what I mean?

As I’ve stated in the past, I like to mix it up when it comes to breakfast.  Want to know why?  Here is my confession:  I don’t like breakfast.
There, I said it.
There are multiple reasons why and I do my best to overcome it every morning.
Reasons why I don’t like breakfast:
1.) Sometimes I’m just really not hungry in the morning.
2.)Most breakfast food isn’t that appealing to me.  I’d rather eat something more lunch like.
3.)I’m grumpy in the morning and hate preparing breakfast.
So what do I do to get over it?
1.) I know that you are supposed to eat relatively soon after waking to get your metabolism going but I wait it out until I actually feel hungry.  Sometimes this is an hour or two after I’ve woken up but I do make an effort to eat.
2.) If I want something that is considered a lunch food, I’ll eat it.  After all, I grew up eating pasta with cheese for breakfast!
3.) I try to prepare my breakfast the night before.  That way there is less that I have to do in the morning and there are no excuses.
On that note, my breakfast:
Naan (Trader Joe’s) with some cucumber slices.  It actually wound up being a great combo.  Here is a perfect example of me going with what I wanted to eat instead of what is considered a traditional breakfast.  I don’t know why so many breakfast foods are sweet.  Does anyone else not want something sugary in the morning?  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy oats, waffles, pancakes, but sometimes I want something more savory.
Sometimes you just have to break the “rules” and figure out what works best for yourself.  And this is how I made my breakfast “problem” into a happy morning experience.
Have a great morning!

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