Late lunch.

No, I didn’t eat lunch late.  I just was a slacker and am not posting until now.
Today’s lunch was rather simple.  A salami and swiss sandwich on an Arnold flat.  Accompanied by some sliced cucumber that I sprinkled with salt.
Oh and there was some grainy mustard on there.  I looove grainy mustard.  Not only does it have great taste but there is some crunch to it!  And what is more fun than crunchiness?!
I worked late tonight.  It was a pretty chill night though and rather quiet so I didn’t mind.  It was my off day for running even though I didn’t exactly need it after my slacker self didn’t do a long run yesterday.  Oh well, I’m ready for the next 3 days and I’m going to deliver!
I already had dinner and will be posting it shortly 🙂

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