Party food.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  My weekend was full of work but I can’t complain about making money.  That did mean that there wasn’t much flexibility when it came to having fun but I made sure I had some!
Yesterday I went to a gathering to our recently engaged friends’ house.  Of course I had to make some party food to bring!
I found this recipe on The Pioneer Woman‘s site for black-eyed pea salsa.  This was the first food blog I EVER read and I have followed Ree for a while.  She is awesome and her recipes are always delicious. I’m a huge fan of salsa so I knew that I would love this.
This recipe got rave reviews!  Everyone said it was refreshing and different.  A lot of people were weary because of the black eyed peas but liked it after trying it.  It is a perfect mixture between savory and sweet.  And the textures are great too!  The peas give it some thickness and the fresh veggies some crunch.
Umm and I love the Black Eyed Peas so how could I not love it?!
Next up was something that I had found online.  I’m not sure where because it was awhile ago but the idea is simple and the results are fantastic.
I introduce to you…caprese skewers!
They look so pretty and are really easy to do.  All you need is:
•wooden skewers ( I found these at the grocery store for $1.99 and it came with 100 in a pack)
•a container of fresh mozzarella balls
•1 package of cherry tomatoes
•about 30 pieces of basil
Then all you do is thread the ingredients on the skewers!  You can make whatever pattern you like.  My typical pattern is tomato, mozzarella, basil…and so on.
I also added my own dressing. You don’t have to do this but it adds a little flavor.  My dressing included:
•1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
•2 TBS olive  oil
•1 TBS honey mustard
•1 TBS parmesan cheese
•1/2 teaspoon sugar
salt and pepper to taste.
Mix all the ingredients and drizzle over the skewers before serving.
You could do this with tons of ingredients!  Skewers just make everything so fun 🙂
So  my run is next weekend…ahh!  I had an 11 mile run planned for today.  I got started and felt good but then 3 miles in I just wasn’t feeling it. I don’t really know why but I just felt kinda blah.  I debated if I should just push through it or call it a day.  But really I didn’t have “it” in me to finish.  So I called it quits.  I’m kind of worried that it will affect me next weekend but I’m crossing my fingers that it won’t.  I’m pretty sure that if I can run 10 miles I should be able to complete 13.  Especially with some caffeine and the hype of the day!
Next weekend should be a lot of fun!

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