Trying diet to go.

I work for a gym so naturally we advertise for random health companies.  One of them happens to be a company called Diet to Go.  They came in the other day to do a demo so I got to take home a meal.  I figured I’d give it a whirl for lunch.
My meal included a bean pasta salad, a mesculan mix, and a breadstick.  I also threw in a pear.
So what did I think?  Just eh.  The company is all about portion control so the food isn’t bad tasting.  I just feel like the quality could be better.  And although I have my slip ups and splurges I think I’m pretty good at or at least improving every day with my portion control.  From what I’ve learned doing Weight Watchers I don’t think this company could really do too much for me.  I couldn’t stomach spending money on every meal that was already decided for me.  But it might work for some people who need a little crutch or just don’t feel like/want to put the time into making a healthy meal.
Another 5 miler planned for today and then I have a day off from running.  I’m thinking there may be some baking involved tonight but we’ll see!

One thought on “Trying diet to go.

  1. I think it’s way better for people to learn about the right portion sizes themselves so they can become used to them and not have a problem once they stop going to Weight Watchers, buying lean cuisine etcetc. After all, eating is something we have to do our whole lives – not just to lose/gain/maintain weight

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