Weird wake up.

Good morning lovies.
It felt weird waking up today for 2 reasons!
1.) I was sliding off my bed all night last night.  I guess there was an added perk to having it pushed against the wall!
2.) I don’t have to be in work until 10:00 today!
I guess it was a little easier waking up after a long weekend.
For breakfast I had an Arnold Flat with some cream cheese and a plum!

I had a feeling it was a juicy one and I was right!  Nothing like picking the right piece of fruit.
Ok time to work!  Hope your first day back isn’t too rough if you had a long weekend!

2 thoughts on “Weird wake up.

  1. As your best friend, I feel ashamed that I haven’t been commenting more actively on your blog. Since we’re listing reasons by the pair, I will give you two reasons why I’m jealous of that plum.

    1.)It gets to hang out with you today.
    2.)It’s sitting in one of my favorite places in New Jersey: your deck.

    Oh how I miss our summer meals out on that Coremin family deck.
    My Tuesday back to work is rough but for some reason it’s comforting to know everyone else is miserable too, nationwide.


    1. Haha Cate that was hands down the best comment yet. I miss our summer meals on my deck too! We will have to make up for it by having a Fall meal on the deck. It will be amazing! And yes, going back to work today was the pits (plum pit!?) Miss you!!


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