Dinner at my desk.

I hate to say it, but I ate dinner at my desk tonight.  I have yet to stay at work until 8:00 (well my full time job) but tonight was hopefully the exception.  I wound up ordering my dinner from Potbelly.  There aren’t too many good decision places around so it sounded good.
Ok, ok so technically this wasn’t eating my desk.  But close enough! Good thing there’s a beautiful few right by my desk that I was able to sneak out to for a few!
And it was!
Check out all that cheese 🙂

I had a “skinny” mushroom melt.  It had provolone, American and swiss cheeses, lettuce, tomato and mushrooms of course.
Pickles and mustard on the side.
With a cup of veggie soup!
I only ate half so I could save the other half for tomorrow!
Oh, and I had a maple candy for dessert.  My friend Beth brought it back from Canada!
Those Canadians know what’s up!
Time to turn in.

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