Gimme some oats.

Yesterday I completed a 9 mile run!!!  I was super tired but really proud of myself.  My legs were pretty tired and my feet were achy but I was glad I finished.  Since I’ve been training my legs haven’t really felt like that, but maybe it is because I haven’t pushed myself as hard as I did.  When I finished I had to keep walking for awhile just to get them to calm down!
My stomach was growling before I even got out of bed this morning!
Some oatmeal was needed 🙂
In my oatmeal:
•1/2 cup oats
•1/4 cup water
•1/4 cup skim milk
•peanut butter
•chia seeds
Yumm so tasty and filling!
Kinda tasted like PB&J with the craisins and peanut butter.  Oh and I topped it with some light brown sugar 😀
I’m feeling well rested this morning and I’m ready for a day at work!

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