If you can make it there…

On my way home from my full time job I stopped by Wegmans to pick up some goodies for dinner last night!

I picked up a really cute cheese platter that I shared with my OG coworkers.  It included blue cheese, Gorgonzola, almonds, walnuts, and salami.  I loved this idea!

I also made my own salad at their vegetarian bar.  The highlight of this salad was the mushrooms! And the balsamic grilled peach of course! It was so amazing and flavorful.  I will definitely try it again and possibly attempt to make it at home.
Today I headed to NYC!  I’ve been doing some research and I am thinking about a possible career/life change.
In order to get to New York I first drive to the train station.  This was my morning’s eats.  Half a bagel with cream cheese and an apple.
And a green tea energy drink that I got at Wegmans.  I wasn’t too thrilled with the flavor of it at first but the more I drank the more I liked it!
I really had a perfect day!  The weather was great and my train arrived within minutes of me getting to the train station on the way there and back!
So why was I headed to New York?

To check out the Italian Culinary Academy! The school was gorgeous!  And there are so many things that I like about it.  I even got a little choked up when we saw the demonstration area where students sit and watch different chefs teach.  It just seemed so surreal and amazing.
There really isn’t any reason that I wouldn’t go aside from the cost of the school.  I really  think it is a career path that I am meant to be traveling down.  It would just be so hard to tack on more loans to my already outrageous loans.  Then again, if you have dreams…shouldn’t you go after them?
While I was in the city I took full advantage of some shopping!  There were great street vendors selling really cute jewelry so I bought some pieces.  I’ll have to take pictures of what I bought!

I also came across this gem!  Baked by Melissa is the cutest cupcake stand ever!  The cupcakes are so teeny tiny and come in amazing flavors!

Hello piece of heaven!

On my way back to the train I just started walking.  I wasn’t lost, I just wasn’t trying to find my way in a hurry.

I’m so glad too because there were so many great things to see!

I kept holding out for something to eat because I wanted to find something really good.  So glad I did because  I stumbled upon Gobo!


The name of the restaurant immediately caught my attention.  I didn’t want to sit down because I was by myself so I saw if they did takeout.  They did :)!

Gobo is a vegetarian restaurant and although I am not a vegetarian, the menu sounded awesome!
I had a delicious iced green tea.

It was so cozy and country-ish in there!  I felt like I was sitting in my own kitchen – I loved it!
I didn’t have a chance to eat until I was on the train but I was excited to finally eat!
Yucca and yam fries with homemade ketchup.

Most delicious veggie burger I ever had.
So good! I would love to go back to Gobo and try more food!
Then I went to my Aunt’s where we sipped on bay breezes and had a bbq!  I relaxed and didn’t take pictures.  I worked again tomorrow and then have a long run planned!

6 thoughts on “If you can make it there…

  1. Follow your passion.
    If you are going to live a happy life doing something that you love, it is totally worth it.
    I have completed one degree and am going back to do another 4 years, but it is for something that I am really keen about, so I’m doing it.

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