In and out.

My parents have been gone for a week and came home tonight!
They were in Jamaica…lucky!  Although I can’t complain because I was there only a month ago.  It is tradition in our family to make a poster when someone who is away comes home.  My siblings usually help but no one was around so that is all my own artwork.  Yeah, I’m a great artist, I know.

My last meal on my own!   Started off with some roasted red pepper and corn.

I grilled with a small glass of Jersey White.  Cooking +  wine are a great combo.  They are friends!
Yum! Cool and crisp.
Deciding on what to eat was a dilemma!  But after talking to my best friend Cate who said she ate a burrito for lunch and was eating black beans I just couldn’t get the idea of Mexican food  out of my head!

Check out my tamale.  From Trader Joes.  Pure heaven in a corn husk.
Corn on zee cob on zee grill.
Black beans and roasted red pepper!
Chips and salsa!
It was quite the feast.
Then this hottie stopped by.
He is the out of the in and out because he is leaving for Vegas tomorrow!  I will miss him.
So my parents came home and my man left.  And my best friend moved to Florida and my other best friend is gone for the weekend to visit her!  Why can’t everyone just stay put!? Or take me with them 😀
Woo, Friday tomorrow folks!

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