By the river.

I haven’t had a lunch by the river in quite some time!
So glad that I had the chance to do it again today 🙂
Salad, magazine, great view…perfection.
I checked out Pot Belly and the tuna salad salad was recommended so I gave it a whirl.  I did like the tuna.  It was really peppery and there wasn’t too much mayo.  I thought the salad could have had more veggies and less croutons though.  It was weird that while they are making your salad you can’t even see what veggies are available because the counter is so high!
It was a nice break being outside and getting some fresh air.
Another 5 mile run today!  I will be glad to have the day off of running tomorrow 🙂

3 thoughts on “By the river.

  1. Salad looks great.
    I ate at Potbelly when I was in Washington DC in the winter…I enjoyed a very yum sandwich there.

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