Summer spaghetti.

I’m not sure if my mom created this recipe herself or if she borrowed it from someone else but it has become a staple in our house during the summer months.  Unfortunately, we haven’t made it once this summer!  I was telling some friends about it the other night and thought that I really needed to.
So today was the day!

I really can’t imagine making this recipe without juicy red tomatoes.  I’m sure you could try in the winter or somewhere where tomatoes aren’t readily available, but it just wouldn’t be the same.
It is pretty basic and simple and the results are amazing!
Ohhh so good!  You can find the recipe here .
And with the Never Ending Pasta Bowl going on at the Olive Garden, I feel like I want pasta too.  But not the kind there.  Yes, I am influenced by the food around me!  It definitely satisfied my craving and then some.
My day was really productive!  I cleaned, made the amazing spaghetti and sauce, got my oil changed, saw Jay, worked and I also went for a run today.  I ran 4 miles and it was a bad idea simply because it was so humid out!  I just felt like I was craving water the entire time and my body felt so drained!  I’m planning on a long run tomorrow but most likely that will be done indoors!
When I came home from running I found this:
I always wonder what possesses her to get up there!
Good night 🙂

Tomato Sauce on Foodista


4 thoughts on “Summer spaghetti.

  1. I think those simple recipes are always the best. Then you can really taste the flavors and everything. The picture of all the tomatoes lined up is so pretty. 🙂

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