Lazy dinner.

I rocked 4.5 miles again today.  The only thing that was annoying was how hungry I was while  running.  This has never really happened to me before.  Usually I don’t feel hungry until after I’m finished but my stomach kept rumbling.  I took extra sips of water just to try and ward off the pangs.
So I had intentions of making a delicious recipe, which I still will make this weekend, but I needed something quick!
On the ride home I was contemplating what to get and I thought about what I really wanted.
Chicken parm sandwich and a mixed salad!
I’m pretty sure I heard angels singing while I ate this.
Ohhh so good.  Plus, it was nice just relaxing and not having to cook! 
I haven’t just vegged and watched tv in forever so it was really nice.  I especially enjoyed watched the always hysterical Jersey Shore.
I put the recipe for the peach bread pudding in my recipes section.  Check it out here!
TGIF tomorrow 🙂

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