Comfort food.

All day my appetite was off.
Actually, I think I was just off in general.  So when I got to the gym I just didn’t feel like running at all.  But I did!  I ran 4.5 miles in 50 minutes.  Definitely slower than normal but I was proud that I ran at all.
So when I had to make something for dinner I decided that comfort food it was!  I made Giada’s Chicken and Orzo Frittata.
It was so so good!  And just what I needed.
My only complaint would be that it wasn’t as thick as Giada’s was.  But I guess I just need to use a smaller pan next time!  Other than that it was creamy, cheesey and oh so good!
For dessert I had Turkey Hill’s Light South of the Border ice cream!  Ohhh my gosh words cannot describe!  I used to work at a Mexican restaurant, Chi Chi’s where they served fried ice cream.  This is the closest thing I’ll ever get to it!  Cinnamon-y and crunchy and creamy.  Heaven!
I spent the rest of my night hanging out with Sandy and relaxing, ahhh 😀

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