New teefers.

I had to get going extra early this morning because I had an appointment at the dentist!
Wow, that is not a flattering picture of my mouth AT ALL!  But I had to show you what my teeth looked like before in order for you to understand how great they look now!
People always ask me if I experienced some kind of injury or accident that caused my front tooth to be uneven but I never did!  As far as I know, that was how it came in and I’ve been unhappy about it for a long time.  So when my best friend Cate told me about her dentist that fixed her uneven front tooth – I had to go!  Luckily, she was able to do the same for me 😀
The process the dentist used is called bonding.  From what I understand they make the surface of your tooth rough using a pick like tool and then apply a gel substance that can be molded to substitute the lack of tooth.  She said that I may feel some discomfort from roughing up my tooth and the cold water that was squirted on it while she was doing it but I didn’t mind it.  The whole process took about a half hour!
I’m so grateful that I was able to have the procedure done and I love the result!  I’ll show you the final results later tonight 😀

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