Mom’s the bomb.

Work out
I did it!!! I ran 4.5 miles in 42:15.  I know this isn’t fast.  Again, I’m just happy I did it.  I’m getting there!  Look out 13.1, here I come!  I got an email today that they are expecting to sell out by the first week of September so if anyone wants to do it…hurry!  I also have a coupon code that will save you $10
When I was younger my brother used to call oatmeal cream pies Mom’s the bombs because he loved them so much.  But after awhile whenever my Mom did something that was especially liked we’d just say she was the bomb.
Tonight’s dinner was definitely Mom’s the bomb worthy!
Baked chicken with carrots and potatoes, an amazing salad and chicken noodle soup!

My brother had his wisdom teeth out today which is why we were eating soup in the summer.  It was too delicious to turn down!

Thennn my Mom and I hit up the ice cream shop.  I had peanut butter cup ice cream.  I shouldn’t have.  Don’t judge me.

One thought on “Mom’s the bomb.

  1. That time is TOTALLY something to be proud of! I know I’m proud of you – don’t compare yourself to others, just be happy for such a GREAT pr! I’m siging up for a half in chicago for September – I got sidetracked from my training schedule and now have to do 10 miles on Saturday. ::gulp::

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