Just like the real thing.


Thankfully I prepared my breakfast last night because I am awake early on Mondays but not really mentally awake until a few hours later.

I’ve always been a sucker for breakfast sandwiches.  Whenever I have the opportunity to order one I always really really want to.  But I know dangerous they can be so I usually try to refrain.  So I came up with another rendition of a breakfast sandwich I would love to just order! Sausage on a biscuit.  No, there is no egg.  Eggs just creep me out.  And I had some delicious ripe strawberries on the side.

I used Pillsbury country style biscuits and Light Life’s sausage which has amazing nutritional info!

For 2 oz. of sausage there are:

•60 calories

•0g fat

•7g protein

•3g fiber

So much better than eating actual sausage and it tastes like the real thing!

I was definitely happy with my breakfast 🙂


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