Eat a salad, get your nails did.

That’s exactly how my day is going 😀
I scooped this salad up while I was at Wegmans.  Asian chicken salad, yes please! So much flavor and crunch!
Lately, I’ve been obsessed with anything that involves a slaw mix. So glad there was some in this salad.
I also had a sliced sweet potato on the side for some fill factor.  It also helps that I am in love with them.
If you were wondering what my cutting board said! Yerp, OG approved.

After work I am hopping on the treadmill to get a quick 2 miles in because I’m getting my nails done…again!  When we went last week I really wanted to get the uv gel nails done but the place was packed and obviously my sister was a priorty.  My mom felt bad that my nails were chipped the day after I got them done so she made me an appointment today to have them done 😀 She is the best!
I can’t wait !

2 thoughts on “Eat a salad, get your nails did.

  1. Enjoy your nail appointment! Would you believe that I actually don’t like having nails? I had to keep them short growing up for gymnastics and cheerleading, so now it feels weird when they are long. I do love pedicures though and could go for one right now.

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