Cheese please.

2 miles in 17 minutes? Check.
Nails beautified?  Check.
I had a very successful afternoon/evening!  Like I mentioned earlier, I had to run a fast 2 miles because I was short on time.  I normally run at about 5.5  mph-6 mph pace but today I ran at 7mph the whole time and sprinted at the end. It was hard but I felt so great when I finished!

Then I got my nails done right 🙂 and pink!

All day I was craving something cheesey and carby.  It kind of felt counterproductive with my run but I tend to go with my cravings.
So I decided to make homemade mac and cheese!
Grate cheddar cheese.
Melt butter.
Add flour to make a roux.
Mix in the cheese and some milk!
Take a break to eat some more cheese! Brie and triscuits with some grapes.
Mix in the cheese sauce with elbow noodles.
Top with some Italian bread crumbs :D! Yummm enjoy!
My plate!
With some of the most delicious tomatoes from my Mom’s friend’s garden! Mixed with some avocado.  Perfect summer salad.
It was perfect and simple and just want I was craving all day!
After dinner I took a walk with my mom and Sandy. And now I’m relaxing, yayyy 🙂

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