Although I did work out today, it wasn’t a great workout.  While my shoes are really cute, they feel terrible!  I have a blister on the bottom of each foot and one on the back of my heel.  It hurts so bad 😦
So I was able to run 2 miles and then I had to call it quits.  I was afraid of overdoing it before the wedding!
Then it was dinner time!
When I was little I pronounced spaghetti as “scabetti”.
And while there was a few spaghetti strands mixed in there, I had mostly rigatoni.
I also had a small salad with a slice of Italian bread.
Oh so yummy!
After dinner my Mom and I headed over  to the mall and I got my jewelry for the wedding! I would share but I want it to be a surprise 🙂  I also wrote my wedding speech! So all that is left to do is find a cute hairdo.  If anyone finds anything cute post a link or a picture because I could use some ideas.
Time to get some beauty rest!

Tomorrow is my Friday 😀


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