Dinner with the ‘rents.

After work I rushed home and made it in the door at about 7:15.  Too late for my liking but early enough to catch my parents about to have dinner 😀
We had good ole summer food!
I contributed some sauteed zucchini with balsamic glaze.
Mmm! I haven’t had a burger in awhile and it was mighty tasty.  I threw it on an Arnold flat and it really made me question why I would eat it on any other bread that involved more calories and fat.  It was so good!
Tossed salad.
Representin’ my Phils!
Speaking of Philly!  Today I had to drive through the city on an errand for work.  I got a good view of city hall!
Whenever I see such beautiful glimpses of the city it really makes me realize that I am a city girl at heart.
After dinner my mom and I took a walk with Sandy and now I’m dreaming about bed.
Off to go see some real dreams!

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