Home sweet home!

Back again!
My visit to see my best friend in Ormond Beach was amazing!
She works as a camp counselor at Marineland, a dolphin conservation center!
The dolphins were so cute! I asked a million questions and just wanted to stare and observe them all day.
They threw toys in for the dolphins to play with and it was so neat that they would toss them around and looked like they were having so much fun!  Cate said that dolphins are curious creatures and they just love exploring so that is why they play naturally.

I’m so jealous that this is what Cate gets to look at every day at work!  Sure beats a desk job 🙂
We had amazing Mexican food at South Beach Grill, a great beach front restaurant that serves fresh, delicious eats!
Plus, it has an amazing view.
I met new friends.
We drank out of a bucket.
I had a delicious drink out of a jar!
We visited the World’s Most Famous Beach! This reminded me of Elf when he says, “World’s best cup of coffee! You did it! Congratulations!”
It just may be the best beach.  Soft, white sand, beautiful clear ocean and palm trees!
We drank a bucket o’ beer.
And crab legs! This was clearly the aftermath.
And I had a great stay 🙂
Although I only visited from Thursday to today, it felt a lot longer because we did a ton!  I hadn’t seen Cate in 2 months since she left to work at Marineland so we did a lot of catching up and had fun telling stories and being our best friend selves!
Back to the grind tomorrow but I have another 4 day week because my sister gets married on Friday!

2 thoughts on “Home sweet home!

  1. cute cute dress! where is it from? it looks like you had so much fun… and btw, I LOVE ELF!!!

    I hope you have a favulous, not too stressful week with everything that’s ahead!

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