Blogging from Ormond Beach, FL.

Just thought I’d post an update 🙂
Before I left for my trip I stopped at Wegmans for something good for dinner.
Wegmans has $6 meals, which comes with a main course and 2 sides.  It’s a lot healthier and cheaper than buying something at the airport!
I had coconut tilapia as my main course that came with a side of mango salsa.
Green beans.
Parmesan cauliflower.
And I grabbed a pecan pie Lara bar for dessert.  I had half and saved the other half for later.  I had never tried this flavor and was so glad I did!!!
I had free internet on the plane!  Too bad my laptop battery died 😦
And XM radio which I thoroughly enjoyed.  It helped me with my flying anxiety.
Free headphones!
Plus there was no one else in my row! Seriously, when does that happen!?  I had lots of room to stretch 🙂
Plane snacks 🙂
It was really neat to watch the sun set.  And my flight was so quick that before I knew it I was at Orlando!
I have more to update about but we’re headed to the beach.
Enjoy your weekend!

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