Holy moly stromboli !

Had a refreshing iced green tea latte with skim milk and splenda from Starbucks! Perfect drink in the summa time.
I swear, people are always trying to sabotage me at work!  My coworker brought in Godiva chocolates and gave me a pick!  This was filled with chocolate.  Chocolate with chocolate, yes please! ( I will admit it looks kinda nasty)
For dinner I picked up some ingredients for my rendition of an Italian stromboli.  These baby heirloom tomatoes were a star ingredient 😀
Lettuce, tomatoes, chopped onion, roasted red pepper, grainy mustard, and creamy balsamic dressing.
My stromboli all rolled up on the grill!  The dough is from Trader Joe’s and is the herb kind.
Bad boy all done.
Paired with fresh zucchini and onions.
Filled with turkey peperoni and babybel light.

So fresh and so green, green.
After dinner I took a walk/jog with Sandy and caught up with one of my best friends Kay 😀 And now I’m trying to unwind.  I wish I had time to watch tv 😦
Tomorrow is already hump day!

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