A taste of the beach.

Growing up, going to the beach meant many things.  Sand, playing in the ocean, sun and… Mack and Manco Pizza!
This pizza place has been open since 1956 and has what I believe, as well as many followers, is the best pizza.  It is a Jersey shore tradition for many people and is so popular, they are opened all year round!
With some fresh Jersey tomato!
Oh, and today my coworker, Beth, brought in candy from As Sweet As Can Be, her Mom’s candy store!
I had this little nugget 😀  Chocolate covered blueberries!! Heavenly.
I made it home just in time before the sun set!
My goal for tonight was to be in my bed by 9:30.  I have a hard time being strict with myself!!! But I am technically in bed now, I just need to go to sleep!

5 thoughts on “A taste of the beach.

    1. Yes! And they were fresh, even better. My friend’s mom makes some awesome treats. Thank you! It is actually from Coach, my boyfriend gave it to me when I graduated college.

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