Bad Blogger!

Sorry for my hiatus!  I was running around like a crazy person this weekend and did not blog! But I’m back to tell you all about my weekend!  And I will apologize now for my lack of preparation and some lacking photos.


On Friday I had time to comeback to my house before I had to go to work.  My mom had brought back sandwiches so I was unhealthy and had some!
I had a small piece of a turkey hoagie and some potato chips.  Not the healthiest thing, I will admit! But it did taste good 🙂
After work, Jay and I went to the movies to see Inception!  It was a great yet confusing movie.  I would recommend it but make sure you bring your thinking cap!  I brought a snack of cheese and crackers and some chocolate chips.  Satisfied my salty and sweet tooth!


I worked during the day on Saturday so I brought my meals with me!
Half a grapefruit and some yogurt for breakfast.
Some fresh cut veggies and an Amy’s burrito.
That night Jay and I went to Q Barbeque & Tequila in Philadelphia.
We knew that we wanted to go out to eat somewhere in the city, but we weren’t sure where.  So we decided to walk around and decide on a place when we got there.
There were so many choices but Q looked like a winner… and it was!
When we first walked in I said, “I feel like it’s…” and a work said “Delicious!”  We laughed, but that was when I knew we were in for a treat!
So here is a confession… I forgot my camera when we went out to eat 😦 Luckily, Jay has an iphone.  The only bad part is that the pictures were a little  dark/blurry.
To start I had a cucumber margarita!  I was in looove!  I saw it on the menu but was a little hesitant.  I am SO glad I went for it.  It was unlike any drink I’ve ever had and THE best margarita I have ever had.
Jay had a hell or high watermelon beer!
I could have sipped on these bad boys all night.
For my meal I got a combo of pulled chicken and brisket.  For my side I had green beans.
Both the brisket and the chicken were so tender and flavorful.  They definitely know their bbq!  And the green beans were served with garlic and tomatoes.  So simple yet so much flavor!

Jay had chicken quesadillas.
After dinner we walked quite a bit to Capogiro Gelato !  It is a cute little quaint gelato shop.  Their flavors are unique and homemade!
I had “Cioccolato Scuro – Rich, black and serious and Fior Di Latte
Milk gelato. Milk from an Amish family’s single herd of hormone free, grass fed in Lancaster County. Crazy good.”


And thennn I took pictures of my meals today but my memory card was not in!  So my pictures are on my camera but I am unable to put them on my computer because my USB port is broken and the only way I can upload pictures is through the memory card.  Oi!
But the best part of my day way dinner anyway and luckily, I have it all 🙂
I made a feast for my mom and I!
Grilled chicken sandwiches marinated in Ken’s creamy balsamic vinegar and honey dressing, corn on the cob and summer squash croquettes.
A slice of fresh french bread, grilled chicken,with spinach, mozzarella, tomato and roasted red pepper!
I found this recipe in Cooking Light magazine:
Summer Squash Croquettes
•2-3 large yellow squash coarsely chopped
• 1/2 cup chopped green onions
•1 cup crushed saltine crackers
•1/2 teaspoon salt
•1/2 teaspoon sugar
•2 large eggs
•1/4 cup yellow cornmeal
•cooking spray
1. Steam squash and onions until tender.  Drain well and press out all water, mashing with a fork.  Stir in crackers, salt, pepper, and eggs.  Put mixture into refrigerator until cooled and the mix has thickened.
2. Form mix into patties.  Cook patties in oil or cooking spray until each patty becomes crisp and brown on outside.  Enjoy!
It was a great way to spend a Sunday evening!
Back to work tomorrow, meh.

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