Stop, eat and roll.

I was dying to try that almond butter so I had to incorporate it in my breakfast!
I bought some Ole Mexican Foods Xtreme Wellness  High Fiber wraps.  They are only 71 calories, 2g of fat and 12g of fiber!! Definitely impressed me with those nutrition stats so I was sold 🙂 And good thing because they are softy and doughy and delicious!
And topped with a banana and almond butter ohhhhhhh my goodness.  I think I found my new love ❤  This is dangerous, because I could see myself eating spoonfuls of it.  I need to find out where Chelsey got those little packets.  Little packets = self control!
And cuteness 🙂
I also had some blueberries and raspberries with my breakfast.  Love summer foods!
And snack time will be…
A bunch o’ grapes! A big bunch, the size of my palm.
Is it Friday yet 😉 ?

2 thoughts on “Stop, eat and roll.

  1. yay! i am so glad you like it – isn’t almond butter addicting? it is so ridonkulous! i actually got the little packet from Jewel – i’m sure that Whole Foods has them too!

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