Flood day!

So after I arrived to work today in the pouring rain and enjoyed my breakfast, things started getting a little crazy!  It continued to pour for several hours and the gym started to flood!
That was our ladies locker room…under water!  The water just kept coming in in all the different areas of the gym.
There were a bunch of people who had come to work out but were stuck at the gym and no one else could come work out.  Eventually the police made their way to us and decided that we had to go home.  The roads were pulled up and things were a mess.
We are open 365 days a week so things like this don’t happen often! So I was slightly excited 😉
My mom teaches so she was home.  I asked her if she wanted to get lunch and of course she said yes 🙂
We went to Nunzio’s, a small Italian restaurant located in a town called Collingswood.  They have a ton of small, family run restaurants in town so I always love eating there.
I’ve been to Nunzio’s in the past and it is always a great experience.
We started off with some of their homemade bread and pesto dip.
I’ve never really had anything like this pesto spread.  It was almost like a puree.  It was liquid but when it was on the bread it soaked in and gave it a nice flavor without be overpowering.
The dangerous bread basket! My mom and I laughed at how much bread they gave us.
We each had an unsweetened iced tea 🙂
As a starter we shared the Insalata di Gorgonzola con Pera salad to start which consisted of Baby greens with poached port pears, sweet gorgonzola cheese and honey walnuts.
This may be one of my favorite salads ever.  It is so simple, yet delicious.
I normally ask for the dressing on the side but they only put a small amount on.  You can definitely taste the port in the pears and it balances out the bitterness of the lettuce.  Then the nutty/sweet flavor of the walnuts add a crunch.  And lastly, the delicious, rich Gorgonzola cheese just melts in your mouth!  These flavors just pair so well together!
For my meal I embarrassingly got some kind of  fish that I do not remember the name of!  All I know is that it was the special of the day and he described it as being a light, flakey fish.  There are some types of seafood that I stay away from, but light and flakey fish is something I LOVE.  And ohh was this good!  Then there were two grilled shrimp on top and everything sat on top of broccoli rabe.  And see that little balsamic drizzle??  I was a glaze and it just melded everything together… the lightness of the fish, the bitterness of the broccoli rabe – perfection!
My mom got cheese ravioli in a blush sauce – her favorite!  It tried this too and it was very tasty.
Needless to say, we had a great lunch!
Afterward we went to DSW where I got shoes or my sisters wedding.
Later we went to the mall where I bought some items for my next trip, which is already next week!
My mom and I agreed that because we both ate a lot at lunch we would just do something simple for dinner…cereal!
Yes, I ate a small bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
My mom explained that it was like when you give a baby cereal before they go to bed when they are little because we were eating later, haha.
So I had an amazing day, who knew rain could provide so much happiness?!

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