Pleasant Surpise

I started my day in a great mood and with a positive attitude and it kind of just went downhill as the day went on.  It was Monday, the first day back from vaca, and then it rained.
Dinner time was some more leftovers with my own twist.
Shredded roast beef, grilled eggplant, grilled onions.
Mmm check out those grill marks.
Then I made a nice fresh salad to go with it.  Cucumber, cantaloupe, green onion, red pepper, a little olive oil and salt and peppa.
Sweet and savory flavors go so well in the summer time.  Especially when they are cool and crisp!
And then the weirdest thing happened!  Earlier in the day I was munching on some undocumented almonds when the GM at my work said something like, “Oh you’re having snack time!”  I offered her some but she said, “Oh, no thanks, I have almond butter and rice cakes.”  I then mentioned that I’ve never had almond butter but I have always wanted to try it.  She said she’d have to give me a taste.
So I go on with my day, work, have dinner and my mom mentioned that something had come in the mail.  After dinner I went upstairs to find a package from Chelsey!
And there it was… ALMOND BUTTER!  It was too ironic, Chelsey just knew that I needed to try it!
And she also sent me a Lara Bar and a peanut butter blend :D!
I was having a kinda blah day and this really made me cheer up and smile.  I had sent her a breakfast mug so she sent me some treats and a sweet card, that I think was homemade?!  It was really pretty.
And then I hit the gym to get a good work out in.  I did 30 hard minutes on the elliptical and then ran an 8:30 mile.
And I got nice and sweaty.  It felt so good after over indulging last week!
So in the end… it wasn’t that bad of a day after all.  In fact, I’d say it was a good day 🙂

2 thoughts on “Pleasant Surpise

  1. How creeeeeeppppyyyy! I hear the twilight music playing in the background! Sorry the card was bent – it wouldn’t fit into the stinking envelope! I’m so glad you liked your little goodies! Even better you get to try almond butter!!! 🙂

    The card is homemade – but not by me. FH’s aunt made those for me for my “thank you’s” for my bridal shower. I am so glad I have some leftover bc they rock for sure!

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