Jet lag and party

I’m baaaack!
Jay and I got back from Jamaica  last night 🙂  We had an amazing time and I am going to post an update when I get all my pictures organized tomorrow.
Today was my brother’s graduation party so there was no time to be lazy.
It was weird going from sunny Jamaica to a rainy NJ.
The food was amazing – as always 🙂 My mom is a great cook!
So many delish things!
Roast beef sandwiches, chicken with mozzarella cheese, spinach and mushrooms, grilled veggies, stuffed shells and eggplant parm!
Dessert was amazing as well.
Best cake ever – seriously!
Family and friends gathered to celebrate.
My brother went from being an eagle to a hokie 🙂 !
Stay tuned tomorrow for a vacation update !

One thought on “Jet lag and party

  1. You are right the food was so good. I could not stop eating it. Glad you had a great time in Jamacia. See you later.

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