Keeping you entertained while I’m on vacation: I saw Oprah!

Everyone has a bucket list – a list of things you want to do before you die.  Sounds kinda morbid, but it is essential.  If you don’t have one, now is the time to make one.  Without a list of dreams and goals, what fun is life?!
 When I was in high school I took a psychology class where we had to create a book about ourselves.  One of the segments was to make a bucket list.  I had a list of 50 things I wanted to do and one of those things was to see Oprah.
I’ve been an Oprah fan since I was young.  My mom is a teacher so after she was home from work and I was home from school, she’d come home, kick back, and watch Oprah.  Before I was old enough to understand the topics I thought Oprah was rather dull.  Who was this lady talking about boring topics anyway?  But as I grew older, I realized how amazing she was.  She wasn’t just talking about topics, she was talking to me.  Her words reached out to me and I listened.  The stories she told were interesting and her demeanor was intriguing.  I too, became an Oprah fan.
 This past April I was talking to some friends at work about our goals and dreams.  I confessed about Oprah and how not only did I need to see her before I die, but she was quickly going off air.  A few years back made the Oprah ticket giveaway site my homepage.  I’d check for tickets every.single.day.  But eventually I became frustrated and gave up.  On that April afternoon I hopped on my laptop and checked the ticket site and omg! Oprah was coming to NYC and tickets were available!  Not only was this amazing because I might have a shot, but NYC was a lot closer than me traveling to Chicago.  So I applied for 4 tickets and crossed my fingers, toes and eyes.
 The next morning I logged onto my email and get a message from the Oprah ticket crew.  I assumed that it was a generic, thank you for applying BUT you were not selected.  BUT I was! Yes, holy oh my gosh goodness, I “won” tickets to see Oprah along with my mom, sister and best friend.  I screamed and jumped and screamed some more.  Next, I had to call my Oprah attendees!  No one even believed me but yes, it was true.
 On May ,2010 we took a train to see Oprah, live in New York City to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of O Magazine.  We were all diehard Oprah fans so not only was my dream coming true, but so were theirs.  I had to go to New York the day before to pick up the tickets which was quite the inconvenience, but well worth it. 
 After we got to Radio City Hall we waited in line for about an hour.  The line was so long it went around a few blocks. 
One of my best friends, Cate.


Once we were finally in the building we found our seats.  Things were so chaotic that we couldn’t even go to the bathroom! 
 Once the show started we were all star struck.  In fact, we all shed a few tears.  The show was very entertaining and happened very quickly.  The guests included Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Suze Orman and Nate.  Christina Aguilera performed and The Cake Boss brought out a birthday cake.  It was so much fun and so neat to see how things work once the camera cuts to commercial.  Every time there was a break, they would reapply her make up and we all thought, every time?! No wonder the woman looks so great.  She would also chat with the audience and crack jokes, just like we were bffs. 

 The show was over in what felt like the blink of an eye.  It aired that day and I felt pretty cool knowing that I attended that episode.  We spent the rest of the day in the city and headed home later that day.  We did not receive any gifts like everyone thought we would but I didn’t need anything, because I saw OPRAH and that was enough for me 🙂

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