Keeping you entertained while I’m on vacation: I bought a car.

In New Jersey you can legally get your license on your 17th birthday.  You betcha I was at the DMV on March 10th!  It was an exciting right of passage and my key to freedom – literally!
I have worked since I was 15 and tried my best to save my money.  My parents made me aware that I would have to buy my own car just as my sister did.  So I saved as much as I could and with a small loan from my parents, I bought a used 1998 Chevy Cavalier.
Yup, there she is.  I named her Myrtle.
She treated me well.  I drove her everywhere.  Whenever someone needed a ride, I was there.  Whenever I needed a ride, she was there.  She was my escape.  I took her to the beach, the city and through open fields.  Essentially, Myrtle was a close friend. 
So when I began having to repair her over and over again, I realized that it was time.  I just kept putting so much money into Myrtle that it wasn’t worth it.  It was a dead-end investment. 
My parents helped me car shop and the decision came pretty quickly because I needed to get to my internship at DVF and the Olive Garden.  Not to mention I was used to going wherever I wanted whenever I wanted since I was 17, so I wasn’t about to start depending on my parents for rides. 
Giving up Myrtle was hard.  It is so odd how you can get so attached to a car!  But like I said, having that car was my way to get away and do what I wanted.  It gave me the ability to be on my own. 
In November of 2009 I bought my first real car.
A 2010 black Hyundai Elantra.  Her name is Layla 🙂
Although I hate to compare the two, Layla is a lot better than Myrtle was.  I never had air conditioning, power locks, power windows or a security system with Myrtle.  Now Layla has all of that – plus nice comfy seats, a big back seat and dare I say – a huge badonkadonk.
The reason why I called Layla my first real car is because it was brand spankin new.  And I bought her with my own money.  And now I’m paying her off…eh that part I could do without.  But it was a great investment and I am on the open road once again.
And whenever I need Layla, she is there for me 😀

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