Happy July 1st!

My mind keeps running all day with all of the things I have to do later today!
-do laundry
-make meals for tomorrow
-more packing!
Lunch is a little recreation of last nights dinner but with a twist!
I thought of this last night and I love them! I call them pepper rolls! What I did was use the grilled chicken and spinach and placed them on the pepper and then rolled it up and put a tooth pick through to hold it all together.  I thought it kinda looks like sushi! And just think of all the possibilities!
Also had some salad from last night with some grilled chicken on top.  And some cucs on the side for some crunch!
A nice, light, summery lunch!
This evening I’m getting my nails did with my good friend Julie!  Can’t wait for a little pampering and catching up 🙂

3 thoughts on “Happy July 1st!

  1. love the roll up idea! food is more fun to eat when it’s cute 🙂

    where are you going this weekend? I’m sure I could scroll down to find out, but i’m feeling a little lazzzzyy tonight.

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