Wakey for Breaky

Those chocolate covered pretzels have got me addicted!  I just can’t seem to get chocolate off my brain.
But I decided to go a more healthy route…
Vanilla yogurt topped with half of a chocolate Vita Muffin, some coconut butter and strawberries.  Decadent!
Although these muffins taste great when they are heated and the chocolate chips get all melty, I also like them cold because you get a nice chomp on the chocolate chips.
I’m pretty sure strawberries and chocolate are a classic combo, at least in my book.
And I am only eating half of the muffin so I have a little snack later in the afternoon 😀
I did take some photos of the strawberries up close and personal but for some reason they disappeared?!
Have a Terrific Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “Wakey for Breaky

    1. My ride to work is about 45 minutes to an hour so I usually just grab one out of the freezer and by the time I get there it is a little defrosted but the chocolate chips are still pretty solid. Try it sometime it’s awesome!

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