Taste the Rainbow.

Today’s lunch is colorful 😀
My lunchbox includes: a Trader Joe’s chili lime chicken burger topped with multi colored cherry tomatoes and basil, a roasted sweet potato and some edamame.  A rainbow of colors!
As far as I am concerned, the more colorful, the healthier!
And after this past weekend of indulging, I needed some simple, healthy food!
Everything on my plate was delicious and pretty simple.  Although I do have a taste for fancy food, it is nice to eat things in their purest form.  No spices, no nothin’ 🙂
And so my marathon day of work continues, because I am staying until about 7:30ish.  Mondays are brutal!  Is it bad that I’m dreaming about sleep already?
Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂

4 thoughts on “Taste the Rainbow.

  1. haha – was that your boyfriend who said the m&m comment? That was too funny. I agree though that the more colorful, the healthier!!! I love it when my food has a lot of colors!

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