Flipping for Flapjacks

Mornin!  Although I would like to say that I am refreshed and ready to go…I’m still pretty sleepy!  I have such a hard time actually going to sleep at night.  I will try to be in my bed at a decent time but something always detracts me!
This morning’s breakfast was a tasty one!  I made Hungry Girl’s banana pancakes 😀  If you have never heard of Hungry Girl – she is awesome!  Her real name is Lisa Lillien and she is a creative woman who has branded herself as Hungry Girl.  She creates awesome low fat/low cal recipes and suggests alternatives to unhealthy treats.
According to the recipe, you are supposed to make 5 small pancakes but I’d rather have one big pancake!  I also made it into a non pancake-ish shape.  It looks more like an omlette!
Drizzled with some peanut butter, ohhh my goodness!  And some orange slices on the side for some vitamin c!
I’m going to try to get through the morning without any caffeine but I think I might have to cave in!  I normally get to sleep in on the weekends but this weekend was just too crazy for sleep.

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