Bachelorette Bash!

I’m back 😀 I hope you had as great of a weekend as I did! I have a lot to talk about so let me get started!
I will admit that my foodie photos were not consistent but I will show you some of the good eats I had!
Saturday morning I had a meeting at the OG before  heading to the bachelorette party.
I had a smoothie so I could get some nutrients in before heading out!
I put some fresh strawberries, banana, ice cubes and a splash of 1% milk in the smoothie.
Topped with some raw oats.  It was the perfect breakfast! Refreshing, filling and it held me over until lunch.
I headed to my meeting at 9:00 where we learned about new items that will be added to the menu starting tomorrow!  Very exciting stuff 🙂 I’m especially excited about the shot glass desserts!
After running some errands I headed down to Atlantic City!  We stayed at The Chelsea.  I have  some mixed reviews about this place!
It wound up being really beautiful and nice but not without a battle!
We were put in an older part of the hotel which I did book, but it was not what we were expecting!  The room was cramped, looked dirty and had the tiniest bathroom.  Not to mention the amenities were ridiculous – tiny tv, no refrigerator or even glasses or ice bucket!  It just was unacceptable for the amount of money we were paying.  We debated about what to do so we decided that if they couldn’t find us another room we’d leave.  So we called to ask if there were any rooms and they said all that was available was a room with 1 king size bed and there were 4 of us so that wouldn’t work.  After we packed everything up and said we were leaving they magically found a room for us that was in the nicer part of the hotel and we were so happy 🙂
We all agreed that if the room was cheaper we wouldn’t have minded but it was so expensive that we felt a nice room was in order.  Especially because we were celebrating something so exciting!
The hotel itself was really modern and trendy!
Our favorite part was the pool 😀
It is located on the 5th floor so not only are you at  a beautiful pool but you can see great views of the city!
My sister and two of her good friends lounging.
Gorgeous pool!
We ordered some white sangria to sip and celebrate.
It was sooo light and perfect for drinking by the pool!
We got hungry and decided to order lunch by the poolside.  Hey, we were celebrating after all!
I ordered fish tacos.  They had mahi mahi that were lightly breaded and topped with a pickled slaw and some kind of dressing.
They were So good!
The sister and her friend got a chicken wrap that I tried, which was also very good!
While soaking up the sun we noticed someone! Craig from The Bachelorette!
Later in the day when we went finally got things straightened out we went back to the room to get ready and having some snacks.
We had some champagne in honor the bride to be 😉
After getting ready and all dressed up we headed to dinner!
We went to a Japanese restaurant called Yama.  They had a ton of options including entries and of course sushi.
I started off with a green salad with ginger dressing.
Rock shrimp! These were the highlight of the meal! Well, at least in my opinion.  They are battered shrimp in a creamy/spicy sauce! So stinking good!
Little soy sauce dish.  I thought it was cute 🙂
Delish vegetable fried rice.
And the star of the meal! Sushi!  We had 3 different kinds.  A hot lover, a hawaiian roll and a nobu roll.  I can’t remember what was in each, but they were amazing!
I apologize for the blurriness but I thought one photo just wasn’t enough 🙂
After dinner we went and danced the night away back at The Chelsea!  We wound up staying out until 3:30!  As you can imagine, I am exhausted right now!
Carrie with Craig and John Clark, a local newscaster!
Ladies and John Clark!
Today we went to the beach with Carrie fiance, Ryan and his family  and friends.  Jay also met up with us and we had a great day lounging in the sun.  I was enjoying the day so I didn’t take pictures of my eats.
Oh, and I also wanted to say hi to Chelsey who is getting married on the same day as Carrie! She has a great blog so check it out 🙂
I had such a great time and I hope Carrie enjoyed her bachelorette party!  Tomorrow starts a new week and 5 days until we leave for Jamaica!
It also means getting back to healthy eating after this weekend 🙂

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